The Designer

Nadine Kanso is a modern master of disciplines who has reshaped the landscape of calligraphy, and designs incomparable jewelry artfully carved with sentimental and unequivocal stances for all generations. Her idiosyncratic creations embody unique craftsmanship and distinct stone mastery vivid in colors, intricate shapes, and exceptional starry diamonds.

Nadine’s poetic yet versatile creations represent true craftsmanship, that have given her global recognition for naturally uniting the traditional with daring pieces.

Nadine creates a medium of expression that is reflective yet powerful. She grew up in the Arab world embodying the calligraphical exquisiteness surrounding her, she gained a deep infatuation for typography laying the foundation for her groundbreaking designs. Nadine’s expertise blends avant-gardism with everlasting beauty, her mission is to design creations that break conventions.

Nadine launched her radical jewelry brand Bil Arabi in 2006, establishing herself as Dubai’s electrifying pioneer in jewelry making with disruptive designs instigating a never seen before trend. She has become known for her identifiable loud philosophical creations. Her attention to artistic dialects and history encourages Nadine to better express her creations ambitions. Residing in Dubai, one of the most refined cosmopolitan cities rapidly becoming one of the fashion capitals of the world captivated Nadine, allowing her to immensely dream.

With her unique twist on design, Bil Arabi’s creations includes an array of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks drawing on the inherent beauty, calligraphic contour, and lyricism taken from the artistic shapes and forms of the alphabet. A pioneer in the world of creativity, Nadine illustrates contemporary visual language that nestles comfortably on the body and face allowing for a strong recognizable self- expression.



Bil Arabi has fast become one of the most exciting new brands to emerge from the Middle East with Nadine as the powerhouse at the helm. The brand captures the essence of the modern Arab identity in the 21st century as Nadine sees it–unique, unavoidable and with a need to be seen and heard.

In 2023 Kanso was approached by French high perfume and beauty house; Guerlain for a design collaboration. The artist collaborated with the Maison on creating limited edition perfume bottles beautifully encrusted with 24-karat gold crystals. Nadine is the first Arab designer the LVMH-owned French high perfume and beauty house has approached for a design collaboration.