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For Him

Bil Arabi's Men's Jewelry Collection is a mix of tradition and modern style. Our crafted pieces combine gold, silver, and enamel, perfect for the modern man who values traditional calligraphy. Each item shares a unique story. Whether you like classic gold, modern silver, or colorful enamel, our collection has something to suit every taste.

Gaga Milano x Nadine Kanso

Gift Cards

Discover the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, share your love, or wish your loved ones quick recovery with our Gift Card collection on Bil Arabi.

Choose from a variety of values to spread happiness with the gift of choice.

Shop now and make every event special for them!

High Jewelry

The Bil Arabi High Jewelry Collection is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. Our meticulously produced pieces seamlessly combine precious metals and gemstones. Tailored for those who appreciate the art of fine craftsmanship. Whether you lean towards timeless classics or modern sophistication, the Bil Arabi High Jewelry Collection caters to every taste.


“Hobb” or Love for Nadine Kanso is majestic and translates a noble feeling that is necessary for humanity to live in peace.

The creative designer was undoubtedly the first in the region to honour this precious term in her native language. Nadine Kanso spread "Bil Arabi" love wherever her hands touched.

By fusing simplicity and sophistication in her designs, she presents us a collection that symbolizes a key element for human relationships. 


Hobbi encompasses universality by creating harmonious bonds between one another. The inspiration for this collection comes from our natural instinct to connect, share & love.


Arabesque architectural elements are the inspiration of the "Nasj" collection from "Bil Arabi". Nadine Kanso reinterpreted the Arabic letters into an abstract and contemporary colourful design reminiscent of the "Art Deco" era, a distinctive period in the history of jewellery. Geometrical patterns, repetition of motifs and calligraphy are the foundation of the “Nasj” collection. “Nasj” also incorporates unique pieces that are genderless and easy to wear on all occasions. 

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New Drops


The path of “Bil Arabi” to a unique world of handmade jewels started with "Oula “as the brand’s "first" collection. With this collection Nadine Kanso paved the way to launch a distinctive brand name that pays homage to her roots and identity. Innovative designs and exquisite craftsmanship have accompanied every piece of jewelry bearing the signature "Bil Arabi" since the inception of the brand in 2006.

Ramadan Picks

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Tiny Bling

Bil Arabi is extending its love by creating its first baby collection, a celebration of the beauty and innocence of new life. Each timeless piece is exquisitely crafted with the finest materials, ensuring it is both durable and stunning. Our playful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are the perfect way to capture the magic of this special milestone and make the ultimate gift for your precious little one

Ya Ein

This Collection Is An Abundance Of Happy, Imaginative Illustrations Of The Evil Eye Symbol, Along With Vivacious Bespoke Arabic Letters, Words, Names, And Proverbs.